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Why is My House So Cold All the Time?

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Why is My House So Cold All the Time?

Having your house be very cold all the time can be frustrating. There are several things that can be done to make your house feel more comfortable. This article will discuss several of these things.

Dirty air vents

Having dirty air vents can cause your air conditioner to work less efficiently, which will increase your electric bill and make it harder to keep your house warm. If you aren’t sure whether your air vents are dirty, contact Total Air and they will evaluate the air ducts and HVAC system to find out if you need to have them cleaned.

Dusty air vents can be dangerous for people with asthma and allergies. They can lead to respiratory infections, including pneumonia and bronchitis. In addition, they can affect the health of your family.

Dirty air ducts also make a home for unwanted rodents and pests. They can also carry viruses and diseases, which can cause health problems in your home.

Dusty air vents can also contribute to a deteriorating HVAC system. Excess moisture can also cause dirty streaks to form on ceilings, walls, and supply registers.

Dusty air vents can also promote the spread of illnesses, allergies, and bacteria in your home. The presence of dust, mold, and mildew in the ducts will affect your family’s health. It can be especially harmful for children and seniors.

Poorly functioning heating vents

Having poorly functioning heating vents is no fun. It can lead to cold nights, and even worse, a furnace that does not work. Luckily, there are a few simple solutions to help you make it through the winter.

The best way to tackle this problem is to simply perform a thorough inspection of your vents. You might also want to take a look at your HVAC system’s thermostat. If you notice a temperature spike in one room, you might be able to correct the problem by simply turning up the thermostat a notch. Depending on the make and model of your HVAC system, you may also want to contact a professional for a tune-up.

Another trick is to open up the vents that you’ve been keeping closed to increase airflow. You might also want to look at your ducts for leaks. If you’re not up for the task, a professional may be able to patch your ducts for you.

It’s also not uncommon for the HVAC system to have cold spots. You may want to reposition furniture in these areas to help improve circulation and airflow.

A drafty room in your home

Having a drafty room in your home can make you feel cold and uncomfortable. It can also lead to higher energy bills. If you have a drafty room in your home, you should take measures to fix the problem.

The first step to draught proofing your home is to make sure your windows are working properly. Sealing windows can help keep heat in and reduce your heating bill.

Another way to keep your room warm is to have heavier curtains or drapes. If you have curtains in your room, you should also close them at night to keep the heat in. You can also place wool blankets over your windows to add extra insulation.

Another way to identify drafts is to use an incense stick. If you pass an incense stick near an outlet or light switch, you can feel the air flowing around it. Similarly, if you place a lit candle in a door, you can feel a gentle breeze.

SMO Energy fixes cold spots

Whether you are experiencing a cold spot in your house or are looking to increase your energy efficiency, SMO Energy has the tools and skills to make sure that your heating and cooling system is in tip top shape. If you are in need of emergency heating or cooling repair, SMO Energy is available to service your system 24 hours a day. They can also perform an energy audit and suggest furnace replacements.

During the colder months, homeowners experience a variety of cold spots in their homes. This can be caused by a number of different factors, including overworking your heating and cooling system, a poorly sized HVAC system, and even a poorly designed zoning system. SMO Energy can help you with all of these issues and more, so call today for more information.