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What Smell Do Snakes Hate?

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What Smell Do Snakes Hate?

Often, when you hear someone say that snakes hate the smell of lemons, you might wonder what lemons smell like. That’s because lemons are very potent. They can cause a lot of discomfort to people who are sensitive to them. But did you know that some other smells are also very unpopular with snakes?


Besides being used as a spice for cooking, lemongrass is also a great natural pest repellent. Its citronella scent keeps spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bees, snakes, and rodents at bay.

Lemongrass is a tropical plant that thrives in humid climates. It is also drought resistant. It is easy to grow and requires moist soil.

Lemongrass is a very tall plant that grows to two meters in height. Its thin and sharp leaves are bluish green in color. The plant spreads via rhizomes.

Lemongrass is an important ingredient in Asian cooking. It is also used to make teas. It is used in many dishes for its fragrance.

Cayenne pepper

Among the many things that snakes hate, cayenne pepper is not one of them. Cayenne pepper isn’t harmful to plants or flowers, but it can be dangerous to humans, animals, and beneficial insects.

The most popular uses for cayenne pepper are in the form of hot sauce or spice flakes, which can be applied directly to the base of your plants or rubbed on your pets. Cayenne pepper is not poisonous to pets and can be used to deter mice and skunks from your home. It is also an effective repellent for ants and squirrels.


Using mint in your yard can be a no brainer. Not only is it a tasty treat, but it also serves a number of other useful functions. For instance, it attracts beneficial wasps, bees and hoverflies. Moreover, it can be grown in a pot. This makes it ideal for the gardener on a budget.

Mint isn’t the only plant that has snake-repelling properties. For example, spearmint is said to be a deterrent for ticks and other icky pests. In addition, mint can be used to make a variety of teas.


Using lavender is said to be a great snake repellent. Snakes, like other animals, are very sensitive to smells. They also have a Jacobson’s organ that helps them detect strong smells. They can also have a sensitive sense of taste. This helps them to locate their food sources and to survive.

It’s easy to grow lavender indoors. Just make sure it has access to light and regular air flow. The plant can grow quite large. You can also keep it in bunches near entryways to your home.

One plant that is often thought to be a great snake repellent is marigold. These flowers have a very strong and pungent odor. They also attract bees and other pollinators, and are drought-tolerant. They are easy to grow and need little water. They grow well in UDSA zones 2 to 11, and can be grown from seed. They can also be deadheaded regularly to prolong their blooming.

King of Bitters

Amongst the many repellent plants used against snakes, one that has recently been shown to be effective is the green chiretta or the King of Bitters. This plant has a strong odor, which snakes find very unpleasant. Although not much is known about its medicinal properties, it has long been used as a natural pest repellent.

The King of Bitters has a range of uses, from being used as a pest repellent to treating cancer, flu and jaundice. It also has anti-venom properties. It can grow in a variety of habitats. The plant can tolerate a wide range of soil types, and grows in both moist and dry conditions. It is often found growing in patches in moist areas and in partly shaded areas.


Whether you are looking to repel snakes or just want to keep your yard free of these reptiles, garlic can be a good option. This plant grows quickly and has a pungent smell that can keep snakes away. Garlic also has antifungal properties, making it a great choice for your garden.

Another plant that can be used to repel snakes is the devil pepper, a native of North America. It produces coarse-toothed leaves and pointed tips. It also contains toxic chemicals, which may discourage snakes from bothering your yard.

Irish spring soap

Using Irish spring soap is an effective way to deter snakes and other pests from your garden. Its strong odor sends a warning signal to animals, telling them that it is unpalatable.

Gardeners have used Irish spring soap to deter snakes for decades. This soap has a unique combination of ingredients, including chemicals, that deter animals.

In addition to its odor, the soap also has a pungent taste. Snakes hate it. They can’t stand the strong smell and can’t breathe it.

Another way to repel snakes is by using dish soap. To make the dish soap smell more potent, add a little ammonia to it. Ammonia will create a chemical odor that is not palatable to snakes.