7 Lovely Diy Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

What comes to mind about February? Most of people will go with love. Romance is maybe the theme of the second month of a year because of an occasion in February 14th known as Valentine’s Day. In Valentine, couples will express their love by special gift, romantic dinner, proposal, and other memorable things. For you who don’t want to go out in Valentine, you can celebrate it in your home. Give yourself and your family member a sweet treats by Valentine’s day decoration in your house.

Valentine’s day decorations can be simply made with your family members by making some hearts from paper in red or pink color. Be creative in making the paper crafts into fabulous decoration, then hang them on the wall, door, or make them as the table deco. Decorate your family photo with red and pink ribbon, or colorful flowers. Put your favorite candies into transparent jars and place them in some corner of your house. Wherever you walk in your house you will find candies and chocolates. Feeding your mouth with sweetness can bring you a pleasant of Valentine’s day even if you have no couple.

Mentioned above about Valentine’s decoration are the color of red and pink. Actually, they are not the obligatory color even though they are the common selection. You can also use white if you want a warm feeling of love. If your house has white already as the main color, you will not need to add any decoration. As the Valentine’s day decoration for white painted house, just put pink aromatic candles in some sides of your house. When you light the candles on, feel the lovely atmosphere among your living room. No chocolate nor flower needed, time for togetherness is already a touching gift for your family and lover.


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