9 Koi Pond And Waterfall Ideas For Your Back Yard

A house is a place for you to live, to shelter, to rest after a tiring day. No wonder people build their home to be as comfortable as possible. You do so? Then a great suggestion for you is koi pond.
Koi pond will not only make your house prettier but also bring peace. Keeping koi can reduce your stress by seeing its colorful look and the act when we feed them. Believe it or not, if you give koi a name, they will recognize it. Sounds amazing, right?
Think of koi pond ideas, people will imagine a lovely pond that require a lot of area. But if your house is a minimalist one, don’t worry. Even in a small garden, you can also have a fancy pond. For your soothing home, there are some wonderful koi pond ideas, not related to how big your garden is.

Pond from stone
For authentic feeling, koi pond from stone is a great choice. You can feel the sensation of your hometown and ancient. The stones can be used around the pond as a main material for natural pond. Get a modern look by creating a pond in the corner side and put stones in the wall as a decoration.

Square pond
Another idea is creating a square-shaped pond. This is a perfect form of pond for a minimalist and small house, because it doesn’t need a lot of land yet elegant.

With waterfall
If you want a dramatic one, give a waterfall in your koi pond. The sound of them will give you concord more than you wish.

Surrounded by garden
Build a koi pond in the center of your garden. Place benches there and enjoy your time with family. You may feel that you are somewhere else, not in your house.


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