9 Diy Friendly Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

Shopping for essentials is common for a college fresher. This becomes inevitable as you need to set up a house in the dorm room of the college, so much attention must be paid to the bedding and other essentials. To personalize it, you have to consider dorm room decorations. Actually, a college dorm room is very depressing and bore. So, a little decoration is a must. You can add movie stars pictures or fast cars images and decorate your dorm room.

Keep it simple

Dorm room decorating has to necessarily be simple. Colleges will not tolerate painting their dorm rooms. The dorm rooms come with little strips on ceilings. You can buy a long and attach it to the strips. You will have a beautiful colorful room looking fresh and new. Fabrics come printed with the required pattern, so hanging fabric brings more colorful effect to your room. You can use the pattern as dorm room decorations all around or mix and match. Ensure the fabric touches the ceiling to bottom and has good color combination. It offers a visual appeal.

Turn it to be a friendly room

A fantastic way of changing a bore dorm room is to make it a friendly room. You can do this by adding few plants. It will spruce up the indoor air quality and also ensures everything looks friendly and fresh. You can pick right plants to ensure sunlight and ensure best dorm room decorations. However, remember to make arrangements such that watering your plants is done at right times when you are not around. You can enjoy a reasonable ambience effortlessly. Decorating ideas helps and you can do it by plastering it with postcards and collages of pictures to have a mind-blowing effect. You can also keep your room clutter free so that it offers an inviting friendly charm.


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