14 Diy Storage Ideas That Will Cover Your All Stuffs

Living in a smaller building doesn’t always mean having fewer stuffs. But where can people live in a small apartment and room store all of their stuffs? Surely they need to use their brain and aesthetics to save them so that the small house can keep all of them yet doesn’t look messy.
If you go to hardware store, you can find a lot of storage kits. They look neat and promising to put your stuffs in. But, they are usually quite expensive yet you need to buy a lot. Is there any cheaper solution? Sure. Just be creative with your own DIY storage ideas.
Get oatmeal for daily breakfast? Do not throw the box away. Cut it into half or quarter size, then cover its surface with wrapping paper. It can be used to store coins or small goods those are easily lost like pin, hairclip, and coins.
After consuming canned tuna and sauce, you can then clean them and re-use as a container of stationaries. Put them in your work benches to keep your pens and ruler neatly stored. Rather than cover it by wrapping paper, you can instead use color paper and write some motivation letter to turn it into a motivating storage.
As a woman or man living with woman, shopping is an unavoidable task. When you go shopping, you will get boxes for shoes and plastic wrap for clothes. Even a branded clothing store will usually give wrap with zipper. You can use them for your DIY storage ideas. Use this zipped wrap to store your knitted clothes to keep them in shape. Some of your shoes don’t need to be stored in their boxes. Organize the remaining shoe boxes in your cupboard to separate the space of your clothes: panties, pants, tops, dresses, socks.


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