11 Brillant Diy Mosaic Vases Ideas That Will Give A Touch Of Elegance

Bring a touch of elegance in the decoration of your house using vases. Vases are not only a vessel to put beautiful flowers but vases themselves can be a part of beautiful decoration. Be smart about where to put the vases as they have different size and shape.
Vintage impression can you get by getting mosaic pattern in vases into your interior design. They are simply designed, without too much complexion of color so it can blend well with variety of home decoration, whether your house is a Victorian type or minimalist.
Mosaic vases with rounded base and long-narrow vases neck can reflect an image of elegant. This kind of vases are suitable to be laid in the table in living room in your house or waiting room in your office. It will make your guest look at you as a classy house owner. It is better to put fake flowers in this kind of vases because it is hard to put soil into the vases. Cleaning these vases is also not easy since you cannot see its base.
Another pattern of mosaic you can choose is amber. Having rounded base with wide neck makes them able to accommodate more flowers. You can choose either real or fake flowers. If you use real flowers, it will be great to use hydrogel since people can see what’s inside. In the aisle of your house, put this kind of mosaic vases on a table for a neat impression.
If you want a nature look, pick a wooden one. Mosaic pattern is also applicable in wooden material. It is not suitable for flowers, but you can put plants without flower like ribbon plant or if you want ribbon, choose a white flower with long stems. Ornamental bamboo like Aradinari japonica is also cool.