12 Expensive Looking Diy Gifts For Special People

Holiday season or for that matter any time of the year is for DIY gifts. This saves you from running to the market when you have to gift someone suddenly. These gifts that are DIY are homemade treats that exhibit the fact that you have invested time into the gift and so it is more precious. Making personal treats is of immense attraction for the people who find hard to shop.

Fruit snack stuffers

Fruit rollups may be prepared by pureeing fruit and by placing it on a solid plastic tray lined with plastic wrap. You may dry the fruits bringing it to a leather consistency. Cut it into shapes, strips and stores into air tight containers or bags. Make a variety and pick the favorite. Use new flavors in combination and show your creativity by adding textures like chopped nuts or flaked coconut. Add yogurt in small amounts for creamy flavors. They make excellent DIY gifts.

Dried Fruit Assortments
Buy fruits in variety such as pears, apples, peaches, grapes and pineapple. Wash the fruits, peel and cut into chunks, halves or decorative rings. Sprinkle with colored sugars or spices and add more color and flavor. Dry the fruit to leather consistency and store in containers that are air tight.

Homemade Nut Gift Packs
Purchasing raw nuts like walnuts, almonds and peanuts and soaking over night in salt water and then dehydrating makes healthy nut snacks. You can make variety of flavors and coat the nuts into a sweet mixer of things such that it includes cinnamon, honey or coconut and also coat them in spicy flavors, if required such as hot pepper sauce, wasabi or chili powder. After the nuts are coated put the nuts in a dehydrator until the coating gets dried. Pack in bags small in size and label with different flavors to make a nice DIY gift.


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