11 Unusual Buildings That Will Draw Your Attention

Constructing a building is a highly complicated job. It takes money, serious time and man-power. Great calculations are required if the building has a unique design and concept. There are unusual buildings found around the world.

Upside Down House
This is a creative house located in Poland in Szymbark, a tiny village. This was designed by Daniel Czapiewski.

Dancing House
This house deserves the name rightly. It was designed by Vlado Milunic, Czech architect in association with Frank Gehry, a Canadian architect. This is one of the unusual buildings located in Prague, Czech Republic.

CyberTecture Egg Building
This building is in egg shape and is located in Mumbai, India. It presents intelligent systems, environmental design, iconic architecture and new engineering creating awe-inspiring landmark.

Solar Ark
This building has the facility of solar power generation thus cultivating appreciation of this power generation. This is located in Japan.

Basket Building
Basket building is a seven story headquarters of a corporate. This building is at Ohio, USA. There is atrium inside the building and it is nice to see the basket hands over the roof.

Robot Building
The Robot Building is the United Overseas Banks headquarters. It is located in the Sathorn business in the Bangkok district, Thailand.

Rotating Tower
This is a masterpiece architect from Dubai. One of the creative building that has a rotating tower.

Solar Furnace
This is in Odeillo, France and is a must see unusual buildings.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum
This museum is in Canada. This is a beautiful building and visitors come here to spend time and keep watching the beauty of this building.

Piano House
This is a beautiful instrument looking piano house. It is transparent inside as the violin at the staircase same as the building upstairs. It is located in china in the Anhui province.


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