13 Brillant Diy Dog House Ideas

You love your dog but you hate when they ruffle their fur in your bed at night. Rather than kicking them away at night, it is better to design a dog house idea and turn it into a proper house for your beloved doggy.
The first thing to be concerned in building dog house ideas is know that outdoor and indoor designs are different. It depends on what kind of dog that you raise. The key to make a dog house is choosing a great material: making them feel comfort and easy for you to clean.
Surely making a comfortable stay for them is the most important, but you also have to put attention into the design. Then, yes, the next one is thinking about the design.
For outdoor dog house, you can use either wooden or metal. Usually, dog who live outdoor is a housekeeper like Rottweiler and boxer who is aggressively act. They live mostly inside their cage so build the house big and place it in the corner, or even in the center of your yard is also okay. But if you play with them often, a small one simply designed as a common dog house you see in cartoons is the best choice. Give the cage a door.
For indoor dog house ideas, try to make it simple and small so that it will not take a lot of space. Design it as the same with outdoor type is okay but consider to get it movable so you can move it when you want to clean. Warm color like white, cream, or light brown are great for indoor dog house. You may consider to put any door but it is better to let the dog house opened because these dogs are generally small and not fierce.


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