12 Cozy Hanging Bed Design Ideas

Having a bedroom without enough space, means you have to look for hanging bed ideas. This is essential if the rooms are designed as mere sleeping areas. Here are some ideas that help in maximizing space and allow the space to be used perfectly.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are the best hanging bed ideas that are space saving solutions as well. These are for children sharing a room. Bunk beds are good option for toys storage and for guest bedrooms. These also function as economy canopy bed with curtain rods as addition. Ideal for children, but avoid the top bunk for children less than 6 years.

Mezzanine/Loft beds

These are same as bunk beds, but lack an arrangement for second sleeping on the bottom. Some beds feature elaborate setups and such beds include steps, shelves and matching furniture. While other beds come featuring a bed and a ladder. These loft beds are ideal for smaller rooms and college dorm rooms.

Murphy beds

This bed type flips against a wall, if it is unused. It allows more floor space and the Murphy beds are loved by kids. They have comfortable mattresses and are easy to use. They can be used as a desk when the bed is away.

Hanging beds

These beds hang from the ceiling and do not give enough storage space. This is one of the hanging bed ideas that now come with a pulley system such that the bed is swung to the ceiling. The ceiling needs to be fairly high for this bed to be hung and care must be ensured so that the pulley handles the weight of the bed and the occupant.

Bed up

This refers to a French concoction where the bed is on tracks and there are fold-down legs that can be raised and lowered same as any hanging bed on pulleys, but for the fact that it is anchored to the wall. Thus it offers solid support from the legs and is less movable.


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