11 Funny Diy Easter Crafts To Meet Spring Joyfully

Rather than Christmas, people feel less atmosphere of Easter because somehow the city is not really decorated in Easter theme yet you can see Christmas tree everywhere in December. When it comes to Easter, maybe egg will popped out in mind. Then should we put those eggs in every corner of our houses?
No, of course no. Egg is not the only alternative, but this is the basic Easter crafts you can do. It is not only for kids. Either you are a high school students or a parent, decorating an egg will always be fun. The common thing to do is making a doll from egg. Make some figures and adjust their position like a scene.
Following the trend, you can buy a box of egg and paint them in different colors so that they will looked ombre. Simple, need no skill, yet artistic. In each egg, put an alphabet so that the entire eggs will formed words like ‘Happy Easter’.
With the same way, you can get different Easter crafts. Those egg that you painted can be putted inside a transparent bowls—can be real or fake eggs. Each bowl consists of a color. You can have as many egg bowls as you want, just place them side to side and they will form a cute rainbow to freshen your room.
Want to do uncommon Easter crafts? Go with paper craft as origami. From colorful paper, make them as birds. It is not that hard, you can find a lot of origami tutorial in internet. From the brown oil paper, make some balls and put it anywhere. These are the bird’s ‘eggs’. Hang the birds in your ceiling and put one bird in your table with the eggs. You can also put ribbon with messages in its claw.


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