16 Very Merry Christmas Diy Decoration Ideas

Entering December, most families gets ready to celebrate Christmas day by decorating their house. As December is coming soon, have you get your Christmas decoration ideas? The basic and common idea is a Christmas tree. If you are creative enough and have a lot of time, you may consider to make a Christmas cave. The problem is that you are working and have not enough time to organize your house.
A simple ornament you can use is cotton. Make them as snows with mistletoes. Even without a rousing Christmas tree, it will get the atmosphere. In front of your main door, put a wreath as a sign for God and your human guest that you are welcoming them. No need to make them if you have no time, because these wreath is available in almost every market during December.
Saving money? Willing to create your Christmas decoration ideas with your family? Then manually do it! You can make a hand-made decoration by material you can find at home.
Cut available paper, new or used one, into some shapes according your preference. Cover them with colorful paper, used clothes, or even paint them by yourself. Other sources you can use to make decorations are tissue and straw. Besides challenging your creativity, it will also give you proud. Imagine when someone come to your house in Christmas and ask you, “Wow, where did you get this decoration?” proudly you can answer that you make them by yourself.
Under your Christmas tree, put some presents for your family members as you did in the past. No real gift? Wrap a box as a fake present is also okay. If you have dolls in your room, any kind of dolls, bring them out as additional decoration.
Christmas is coming to town, get yourself ready!


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