15 Diy Topiary Ideas For Every Garden

Have you been to Chateau de Villandry or Lavens Hall? If you do, you must have seen topiaries. If you haven’t, there is also a big possibility of you know what topiary is. Think about a plant looks like a rabbit. Can you imagine it? Yes, it is topiary.
In horticulture, topiary literally is a kind of art to clip plants into ornamental shapes. It can be trees, shrubs, grass, any plants, from simple and neatly shape into complicated one.
Beginner normally will fail to cut their plants into amazing shape, so getting a service from professional is the best way for those who want to make their garden prettier. Even so, you might get confusion to form a topiary for your area. Topiary ideas will be given by professional who you ask for help, but you can design it by your own.
Most common shape for a topiary is usually animals. Rabbit, butterfly, elephant, bird, even dragon. If you have child in your house, you can also design a cartoon topiary. For cartoon topiary, it will be prettier to give color rather than just green to make it looks alive. Besides, your children will be more interested on it if it has colors.
A simple idea is clipping your plant in words. If you just own a small garden, don’t take a quote but a word is enough. Your name, maybe?
Planning topiary ideas can be according to your hobbies. Enjoying music? You can shape your plants into guitar. If you love travelling, you can create an icon of your favorite destination. Your house will be called as thematic.
Gain more love from your beloved by a human-like topiary: can be your family or sweetheart. You will always be able to see them, they will feel honored even more.


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