12 Diy Christmas Tree Ideas That Will Make You Busy Whole December

Every year, beside faith preparation, people will make themselves busy to prepare the Christmas tree when it comes to December. Getting Christmas tree is kind of ritual done in every year. We enjoy buying some new ornaments to have different for our tree. Even so, we can also have our Christmas tree ideas for a DIY decoration. Cheaper, break the same-old-same-old theme, and the bonus: spending time together with family members.
Take a look around your house. What things exist? A lot of books in your shelves but covered by dust already because you haven’t read them for long? Get them out, stack them like a pyramid—higher layer has smaller amount of books to form a top. As a final touch, put a star ornament and decorate your tree with candies.
Do you love drinking? Do not throw away your cans nor bottles! Glue them to form your own Christmas tree. Put your tree in a corner for safety, if you use bottles from glass. If you use cans, you don’t even need any additional decoration because the cans themselves will make colorful tree. Let them shine using the Christmas lights.
You use the bottles to make a big tree, you can also use the bottle caps to make a smaller one. Draw a sketch in a proper paper and cover it with the bottle caps. Put your work into a photo frame, then hang it in your wall. People will be amazed with your creativity.
Need simpler Christmas tree ideas? Try this one. Thing you need is only a set of colorful ribbons or washi tapes. Stick them in the wall in some layers to portray a tree. Be creative in drawing the shape. To make your living room more festive, put some gifts under your simple-but-unique tree.


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