14 Diy Lighting Ideas To Make A Lovely Living Spaces

Wanting your home to look exquisite? You can give a refreshing twist with DIY lighting ideas. Make a lovely living space outdoors such that it is also functional. Give the right setup and turn your porch, yard, patio or other outdoor area into a space that your family can enjoy good sunshine and fresh air.

Bold Colors
Earth colors look excellent for indoor decoration as it get blend on using it for outdoor decoration. At the same time, black absorbs heat and the outdoor decoration gets super-hot. Bold colors used for accessories and furniture are the best for outdoor spaces.

Tip: Use bright colors to add an element of excitement, fun and playfulness.

Be Creative
Spend quality time on the living space. In fact, concentrate on efficient lighting as it sets the mood and appeal of the outdoor space. Employ tasteful DIY lighting ideas and ensure the outdoor lighting is dramatic by incorporating lanterns, colored electric bulbs, torches and even candles. Allow the lighting to accentuate the outdoor space and keep the unattractive elements faded in the shadows.

Tip: Light pointing upwards highlights the architecture and light pointing downwards offers a soft glow.

Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor kitchen is the heart of every home. With right set up, you can save the trouble of making countless trips to the inside kitchen. In fact cooking becomes a pleasurable activity. You can include a sink, fridge, grill, a pizza oven and food prep area.

Tip: Ensure a big outdoor kitchen area as it becomes the center for outdoor activities.

Water Feature
Water gives a soothing sound thus creating appealing tranquility in the outdoor space. There are array of options, you can get fountains ready from the store or some cascading magnificent waterfalls. Decorate it with DIY lighting ideas that it looks amazing.

Tip: Prefer a less labor and cheap water feature for spaces outdoor.


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